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Mozilla Mail IMAP Configuration
The images and details below were taken from Mozilla 1.5. The configuration dialogs for Netscape 7.X and Thunderbird are very similar.

Step 1.
Open the Mozilla Mail client:
Window -> Mail & Newsgroups
In the mail client window, open Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings window
Edit -> Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings...
Open the Account Wizard by selecting
Add Account
You should see the Account Wizard
Select Email account
Click Next

Step 2.
Enter your name in the Your Name field
Enter your email address in the Email Address field
Click Next

Step 3.
Select IMAP
Enter in the Incoming Server field
Click Next

Step 4.
Enter your mailbox name in the User Name field
Click Next

Step 5.
Enter an account name in the Account Name field
Click Next

Step 6.
Review the information for the account you created
Use <Back button to correct any mistakes.
Click Finish

Step 7. SMTP Server Configuration (Optional)
Select Outgoing server (SMTP)
Enter in the Server Name field
Enter 465 in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field. Port 465 is the standard SSL port that mail clients should use to
submit mail to an SMTP server for transmission to the recipient.
Check the Use name and password checkbox
Enter your mailbox name in the User Name field
Click OK to complete the Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings dialog