Email Hosting

Professional Email Hosting for Business and Individuals

Access Ports and Protocols

  Encryption Options  
Protocol Server Name   Port Plain TLS SSL  
IMAP   143 Yes Yes No
  443 No No Yes  
  993 No No Yes  
POP3   110 Yes Yes No
  995 No No Yes  
SMTP   25 Yes Yes No Use port 587 or 465
  443 No No Yes  
  465 No No Yes  
  587 Yes Yes No
LDAP   389 Yes No No
      636 No No Yes  
MANAGESIEVE   2000 Yes Yes No   2000 Yes Yes No   443 Yes Yes No  

MX Servers
If we are hosting email for your domain, the MX record for your domain should point to our MX server cluster name at any priority:
That name resolves to the 4 IP addresses of our 4 MX servers.